Marketing Outlook Forum 2022

Event Info

When: February 9th, 2022

Who: Marketing Outlook Forum

Where: Washinton DC

More Info:

Cathy Ritter is joining a panel of top tourism leaders for a provocative closing session: Building Forward with Better Tourism.

Led by moderator Helen Marano, Founder and President, Marano Perspectives, the panel also will include:

Rather than press for a rapid return to the status quo, these panelists will explore possibilities for how the tourism industry can bend its resources to building a better future for tourism. Noting that the restart is here, the promises have been made, the commitments have been recorded, panelists will explore how well tourism really is doing in implementing new intentions.

This closing session — at 11:45 am Wednesday, Feb. 9 — will explore these dynamics and delve into the ways that partnerships spur getting the “job done right this time”! Delegates will be encouraged to share their perspectives.

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