Founded in 2003, the Travel Foundation (TTF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO), working globally to understand and improve the impacts of tourism on destination communities, environment and resources.The organization’s deep experience and understanding of how tourism works – in companies, in communities, and in policy – allows it to quickly identify key issues and their root causes and offer practical solutions towards solving them.

TTF offers a unique and global perspective, having worked in almost 40 countries and built a vast international network, through which it can draw and share expertise and know-how. The team has a deep portfolio of experience working across the entire tourism value chain.

TTF has worked with many well-known travel businesses, providing them with the knowledge, information and tools to maximize the catalytic potential of their supply chains and align with the needs of destinations. The team has also worked with  several destination authorities supporting them to develop inclusive, equitable and low-impact tourism development and innovative management strategies, with a particular focus on understanding and addressing the impacts of tourism to generate a net-positive for communities.

Through its work, TTF seeks to innovate and pilot new approaches that lead to systems change at scale. Meanwhile, TTF’s advocacy program has helped to catalyze the global discussion on improved destination management and stewardship which re-frames how success is measured.

In 2019, TTF’s seminal report (produced in partnership with EplerWood International and Cornell University), Destinations at Risk: The Invisible Burden of Tourism, helped shine a light on the hidden costs of tourism. The report has paved the way for destinations to rethink key performance indicators, and more holistically account for the varied costs and benefits of tourism. As a founding member and Chair of the Future of Tourism Coalition, TTF will continue to play a leading role in defining the solutions and knowledge that will help the tourism sector respond to the clarion call for continuous improvement.

At present, TTF is supporting DMOs in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and North America with a recovery-readiness program, titled “Are You Ready for Recovery?” This program uses a proprietary framework, developed by TTF, as well as workshops and a self-guided manual, to help DMOs understand the impacts on a and needs of their tourism economy, alongside new market expectations, demands and trends to help future-proof their destinations.

MMGY NextFactor is an industry-leading consulting firm specializing in travel and tourism. Its team of experts has delivered insights and strategies to more than 250 destinations across the globe. It empowers clients and the travel industry at large to deliver sustainable growth to visitor economies and build stronger communities.

The firm was founded by Paul Ouimet in 2015, following the launch of its ground-breaking DestinationNEXT initiative. The collective team saw the opportunity to blaze a new trail for visitor economies and help destinations prepare for the next era of travel.

MMGY NextFactor believes in the transformative power of travel. It realizes that to be a leader in the tourism sector today is to be an architect of future economies, societies and possibilities. It provides the intelligence, insight and inspiration these leaders require to make a meaningful, sustainable and equitable difference in their communities.

In 2019, the firm joined forces with MMGY Global, the world’s largest integrated marketing company specializing in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. As part of the MMGY Global family, MMGY NextFactor clients have access to insights and experts across multiple agencies throughout the world.

The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) is an effective nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, dedicated to increasing the positive global impact of responsible tourism. CREST provides evidence-based research and analysis to governments, policymakers, tourism businesses, nonprofit organizations, and international agencies to solve the most pressing problems confronting tourism, the world’s largest service industry.

Founded in 2003 in the wake of the UN’s International Year of Ecotourism, CREST initially focused on the role of small-scale ecotourism in empowering communities and conserving precious resources. Over time, CREST’s work has evolved to consider how all tourism, including outdoor recreation, can be more responsibly planned, developed, and managed across all sectors and geographies. 

Through innovative field projects, research, consultancies, and advocacy, CREST is a thought leader that moves the tourism and outdoor recreation industry towards true sustainability by providing cutting-edge analyses and by offering innovative, sustainable solutions for businesses and destination communities. When developed responsibly, tourism can support conservation and community services, foster cultural understanding, educate travelers, and provide economic opportunities to residents, including indigenous peoples.

CREST utilizes a network of experts and collaborates with academic institutions and other organizations around the world. Through its Consulting Services, CREST brings together tourism professionals with a wide range of professional and academic disciplines and geographical knowledge to assist with field research and project implementation in destinations.

CREST is now expanding its public lands and visitor use expertise and program portfolio in the USA. CREST will soon sign new cooperation agreements with the National Park Service and NOAA/National Marine Sanctuaries to help each agency better align their outdoor recreation and tourism priorities and best practices to meet current and future user expectations. CREST also has a new partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, to provide the best messaging and practices for tourism and outdoor recreation across public and private lands. 

Civitas specializes in igniting local economies, creating jobs and establishing stable funding for destination activities and funding sustainability programs throughout the United States. With more than 20 years of experience, Civitas provides expertise in all aspects of forming, modifying and renewing improvement districts. It has experience drafting funding-related legislation in 15 states. With offices in Sacramento, Los Angeles and New York, its team of professionals has formed more than 150 special districts. Its clients are innovative states, cities, counties, destination marketing organizations, and community organizations dedicated to creating a strong and stable funding source. It has generated more than $1.7 billion for clients globally.
Civitas also provides research, consulting and district formation services to destinations located around the world, including Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia. With its deep experience and expertise, Civitas has been commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association to conduct nationwide studies. A representative distant destination is  Japan, where Civitas clients include Nomura Research Institute, Japan Area-Based Management Organization Network, Japan Travel Bureau and Setouchi Tourism Authority.
John Lambeth, attorney and Civitas’ Founder and CEO, specializes in developing unique funding strategies for tourism and travel promotion. He has more than 20 years of experience working with destination marketing organizations and state travel offices. Whether adopting enabling legislation, building support among businesses and electeds, or guiding the formation process, Lambeth is the expert in tourism district creation. The primary author of the Property and Business Improvement District Law of 1994, Lambeth also wrote legislation for several states and assisted with legislation in El Salvador and Brazil. Featured in Forbes and Skift for his efforts to transform marketing funding models, Lambeth also was the 2014 recipient of the CalTravel Promotion and Advancement of Tourism Award and in 2021 the Brad Burlingame Award. He and his form have been recognized as national leaders in the development and implementation of revolutionary financing mechanisms for destination management.

SMG Consulting, based in South Lake Tahoe, CA, is a boutique marketing advisory firm with experience in more than 60 tourism destinations. It specializes in organizational and destination strategy design, economic analysis, marketing research, and analysis for tourism and recreation industries. SMG prides itself on providing clients with insights and solutions for their organizational and competitive challenges. It views each client through a strategy lens to understand more significant issues necessary for their success.
SMG deals with some of the most challenging issues clients face today and relishes opportunities to find solutions to complex problems. SMG has access to a wide variety of tourism and non-tourism industry/marketing research resources to help ensure that clients receive innovative, state-of-the-art solutions. Additionally, it applies cutting-edge thinking and project processes to harness creativity at every point.

The firm has attracted a roster of blue-chip public and private sector clients. It brings a wealth of relevant skills, experience, and knowledge to each project, including extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, experience working with natural resource-based outdoor recreation destinations, technical expertise in economic and market analysis and strategy development. It also brings an extensive understanding of overtourism, and its related social/community issues and the economic issues related to finding solutions.