SMG Consulting, based in South Lake Tahoe, CA, is a boutique marketing advisory firm with experience in more than 60 tourism destinations. It specializes in organizational and destination strategy design, economic analysis, marketing research, and analysis for tourism and recreation industries. SMG prides itself on providing clients with insights and solutions for their organizational and competitive challenges. It views each client through a strategy lens to understand more significant issues necessary for their success.

SMG deals with some of the most challenging issues clients face today and relishes opportunities to find solutions to complex problems. SMG has access to a wide variety of tourism and non-tourism industry/marketing research resources to help ensure that clients receive innovative, state-of-the-art solutions. Additionally, it applies cutting-edge thinking and project processes to harness creativity at every point.

The firm has attracted a roster of blue-chip public and private sector clients. It brings a wealth of relevant skills, experience, and knowledge to each project, including extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, experience working with natural resource-based outdoor recreation destinations, technical expertise in economic and market analysis and strategy development. It also brings an extensive understanding of overtourism, and its related social/community issues and the economic issues related to finding solutions.